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2018 Story Contest

Story Contest Entry Form

Personal Information
My Story and Photos

* Photos can be attached below the form.

Intent to Use Agreement

I, (insert name here), have recently submitted a story and photos from my 2017 (insert species here) hunt in (insert State/Province here) to the Huntin’ Fool. I have submitted this story for the 2018 Story Contest. I agree not to submit this story, a description of this hunt, or any photos from this hunt to any other competing hunting magazine for print without first informing Huntin’ Fool. In essence, I am giving Huntin’ Fool first rights to publish my story in print. I also hereby grant Huntin’ Fool permission to use any photo(s) taken by me and submitted to Huntin’ Fool for use on their website or other electronic form or any media, including print, or in any other manner desired without notifying me. Huntin’ Fool, in return, agrees to credit the hunter/photographer with the photo wherever possible.

* NOTE: Free item will only be sent for a complete story with usable photos!


Click "Select Files" to attach your files, afterwards, click "Attach Files" to add the selected files to the form. Please wait for your files to finish uploading before submitting the form.

Photo Submission Guidelines

Photos should be submitted to Huntin' Fool as high resolution .jpegs (.jpg) or .tiff files. Most cameras take photos as .jpegs or .jpgs, and some will take raw file formats (.RAW or .ARW). Our preferred file format is .jpeg, but any of the aforementioned formats can be processed. Huntin’ Fool considers high-resolution photos as photos that are 300 dpi (dots per inch) or larger than 1 MB.

Checking Photo Size on a Computer

To check the size of your photo on a PC:

  1. Double click to open the .jpeg
  2. Click on "File" and under image properties look at "Details." Beneath the image information, you should see the width and height of the image in pixels and the dpi below it

To check the size of your photo on a MAC:

  1. Open the image with Preview
  2. Under "Tools," click "Show Inspector"
  3. The "Image Size" and "Image DPI" should be at the bottom of the screen

We understand that most hunters bring their cell phones on the hunt and may not have a high-end DSLR camera or other digital camera. Even so, we want to see any and all photos from your dream hunt! We prefer high-resolution photos, but if they don’t quite fit the sizing requirements, we can work with them.

How to Submit Photos from Your Phone


  1. Open your image gallery and select the photos you want to send
  2. Using the share function, select "Email" and craft your message
  3. After you click "Send," you should see a screen that asks you how big you want to send the photos
  4. Select "Actual Size"


  1. Open your image gallery and select the photos you want to send
  2. Using the share function, select "Email"
  3. The phone will ask if you want to reduce the size of the image or keep original size. Select "Keep original size."
  4. Craft your message and send it

You can also send us images from your computer or phone using WeTransfer (app available for phones). It's extremely intuitive, and we recommend this for sending multiple large images.