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2018 Story Contest

Intent to Use Agreement

exclusivity contract

Please print this contract, fill it out, and fax it to our office at 435-865-1090. You may also include a signed copy of this contract if you submit your story by mail. You will not be entered into our Story Contest if we don't receive this contract from you. Note: We are giving exceptions for some conservation organizations. Please call our office at 435-865-1020 with any questions.

*If emailing your contract, please copy the below text into the body of your message:

2018 Story Contest Intent to Use Agreement

I, (insert name here), have recently submitted a story and photos from my 2017 (insert species here) hunt in (insert State/Province here) to the Huntin’ Fool.I have submitted this story for the 2018 Story Contest. By submitting my story and photos to Huntin’ Fool, I acknowledge that I have cleared any use of my hunt photos with my outfitter or guide. I further agree not to submit this story, a description of this hunt, or any photos from this hunt to any other competing hunting magazine for print without first informing Huntin’ Fool. In essence, I am giving Huntin’ Fool first rights to publish my story in print. I also hereby grant Huntin’ Fool permission to use any photo(s) taken by me and submitted to Huntin’ Fool for use on their website or other electronic form, any media (including print), or in any other manner desired without notifying me. Huntin’ Fool, in return, agrees to credit the hunter/photographer with the photo wherever possible.

Signed, [insert full name] - [insert date]

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Mailing Address you'd like the item shipped to: (insert mailing address here)

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