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By Matt Adams
NM, Mule Deer

The hunt for “Goliath” started years before I actually harvested him. We watched this buck grow up, a privilege we cherish owning an outfitting business – A & M Outfitters.

Five years ago, my brother, Tanner, and I were out scouting and checking out all of our up and coming bucks. After hours of looking around, we crossed paths with Goliath. He was a young buck but was sporting six to seven points on each side. We headed back to our hunting lodge with excitement for what he may become.

The years rolled along. Little did we know that when the season was upon us and we were out scouting again we would see this giant. Goliath had defied the odds and survived. He stepped out into our line of sight in full velvet. That glimpse was all we got before he once again pulled his disappearing act and went on his way. I had always dreamed of harvesting a giant buck in the velvet and knew the only way to pull it off was with a bow. I decided right then that next hunting season I was bowhunting.

Hunting season was coming soon, and I was confident I could harvest a buck-of-a-lifetime. We had a great start to the year with the moisture, and I was feeling really good about what was to come. Once I arrived, I immediately went scouting for Goliath. It took me several days to find this buck, but when I finally laid eyes on him, he was amazing! Tanner and I came up with a game plan. Goliath would move from the hillside to the bottom grounds for feeding every day. He had three to four different areas he called home during this time of year. We had him pretty much pinned down. We tried everything we could to get in range for an opportunity, but he was smart and just wouldn’t present the window.

After seven days of hunting Goliath and being unable to make a move, we decided I would position myself in the line of fire. That way, when they came off the hill for feeding time I would be there to draw my bow. I prayed that one of the other 11 bucks he traveled with would not spot me and that I could actually pull it off.

The time came, and all the bucks started filing down the hill to the bottom grounds. I looked each of them over one by one and finally spotted Goliath. He was right in the middle of the group of bucks. I knew it was going to be very difficult to pull this off. I looked at Tanner and whispered that I needed to get closer.

As many of you know with hunting, if you go enough, luck will eventually fall in your lap. This time, it did. Goliath was taking his sweet time, and the bucks surrounding him decided to go a different route than they normally did. This move gave me what I needed, the chance to make my move. I took a deep breath and snuck up beside a cactus, positioning myself 30 yards from where the bucks had crossed and where Goliath was headed, which was directly towards me. This was it, the perfect opportunity. This was my make or break! I drew my bow, and he stepped out in front of me. It was a dream come true. I let it fly and hit him absolutely perfectly.

All the practice, praying, and patience had paid off. I finally had my 200"+ buck in full velvet. Goliath ended up scoring 212" gross. What an amazing buck! This hunt will live in my memories forever, and I will cherish them. If you are interested in creating your own memories that will last a lifetime hunting with us in The Land of Enchantment, give us a call. We would be honored to make your dreams come true.

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Hunting Memories
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