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An Amazing Trip to the Wilderness of Alaska

By Gary E Smith
AK, Alaska Moose

A trip-of-a-lifetime was taken by my friend, Kent Kaiser, who happens to own Alaskan Quest, and me. Kent is very knowledgeable about Alaska as he lived in Fairbanks for many years and knows the “ins and outs.'. He is also a great person to have as a traveling companion. I am lucky enough to go on adventures with him, and he films then to promote his business. Kent’s knowledge of Alaska’s fishing and hunting is formidable, and he produces in all of these outdoor sports. Just follow his advice and the opportunities abound.

We started in Fairbanks and took a six-hour drive south to Valdez, Alaska, including through the mountains of the Alaskan Range. Valdez is known as a fishing town, and Kent and I fished for silver salmon in Valdez. The silver salmon are fantastic eating and a great sport fish with their water leaps and line/drag stripping antics. Even when they are in the gigantic salmon landing nets, the silvers are capable of leaping out of the deep nets and back into the ocean. They jump, twist, and make the fishing pole bend with their long-spirited runs and extraordinary power. The silver salmon never give up until a solid whack with a mini bat on their coconut is administered.

Alaska is known for gigantic Yukon moose, and I acquired a giant that was a trophy-of-a-lifetime. I shot a huge 60" spread bull moose that had 10 large brow tines and had an estimated weight of 1,700 pounds. He was a monster moose that came to the bull moose calls.

When this giant came to the water, he wanted to fight another bull moose. I will never forget the grunting and swaying of his antlesr to show them off. Fortunately, the .338 Win Mag did its job and this monster moose with gigantic horns lay dead. The size of this moose provided me with my lifetime trophy and a yearly supply of organic lean meat for daughter’s
family of four and others.

This was a fantastic fishing and hunting adventure in Alaska. Many thanks to Kent for the adventure, and at the young age of 73, I look forward to many more.

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Hunting Memories
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