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Member Draw Database

Talk with other members who have hunted your unit

Having firsthand information or experience about areas you will be hunting is critical for success. Once you have drawn a tag, we will send you a list of other members who have previously hunted your same hunt and unit. These are members you can contact for boots-on-the-ground experience and insight into your hunt.

To request a Member Draw List, contact us at 435.865.1020. We hear amazing stories all the time of members helping other members be successful.

What our members say

"I called a hunter off the list you sent and he put me on an area where we never saw another soul. His info was dead on as he said we would not see many deer or hunters but could possibly kill a great buck. With your list and his info, we saved countless days scouting. Well worth the money!"

—W. Parker, Aztec, NM