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Giveaways & Contests

Enter to win world class hunts and prizes. For members only!

Huntin’ Fool gives you the opportunity to win world class hunts and prizes all year long. We have partnered with top outfitters and manufacturers to provide you with the best prizes available.

Membership Drives

Do you want the opportunity to go on a world class hunt? As a Huntin' Fool member, you will be given the chance. Literally.

In our semi-annual membership drives, Huntin' Fool purchases and then raffles some of the best hunts and prizes in the world for our members. In past drives, prizes have totaled more than $300,000 and have included a coveted Henry Mountains Mule Deer hunt, an exclusive Yukon Stone Sheep hunt, an Alaska Moose/Grizzly combo hunt, and more. These raffles are exclusive to Huntin' Fool members and have odds unlike any other raffle.

Our Winter Membership Drive runs from November through February. Our Summer Drive is May through July. These semi-annual raffles are another way we help members access better hunts. View prizes and purchase tickets here.

Photo Contest

We hold regular photo contests, rewarding our memebrs for sharing images of the animals they are scouting. Submitted live animal photos have a chance to be published in the index page of our monthly publication. Those that are selected for publication will win an amazing prize package. Live animals published anywhere else in the magazine will also receive a prize.

Video Contest

Send us your high quality footage of your hunts, scouting, shed hunting, or live animals to be included in our Member Video Contest. All submitted videos we choose to publish will win an awesome prize package.