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Professional Hunt Advisors

Get the information you need for successful hunts

Getting your tag is only the first step to a successful hunt. Information and insight into the area and species you’re hunting are critical for success. Our Professional Hunt Advisors provide you with need-to-know information and firsthand experience to help you maximize your chances for taking your dream animal.

Once you have your tag our team works with you to develop a strategy for your hunt. This strategy comes from years of in-the-field experience with top hunts. The strategies we create are unique to each hunt and each hunter, but may include the best dates and areas of your unit to hunt; how the weather can affect your hunt; migration patterns; whether an outfitter is recommended; special considerations for things like bear country or private property; and any other questions you may have.

After planning your hunts with our Professional Hunt Advisors you will be armed with the information and insight that comes from years of hunting experience and increase your chances for success.

What our members say:

"I figured the best way to start out was to give Huntin' Fool a call. Talking to them for the first time is like talking to an old friend. They were congratulatory for the luck in draws and more than willing to give out information that would be of value to me. A list of reputable guides and contacts of other Huntin' Fool members to call that have held a similar tag in years past really helped get the ball rolling."

—B. Kingsbury, Pinedale, WY