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State-by-State Coverage

Comprehensive analysis of each state and species

A key to accessing better hunts is being able to identify top hunting units and knowing how to obtain a tag in them. We provide you with in-depth analysis of state-by-state hunting opportunities so you can identify hunts that meet your goals and begin applying for them. We collect and publish a comprehensive, five-year statistical analysis of harvest success, draw odds, and hunt dates for each state along with vital comments on existing trophy animals in each unit.

Along with our detailed analysis, we also provide our picks, tops units, application processes, and regulation changes in our state coverage. In just a few pages you will have all the information you need to make informed decisions about where to hunt to accomplish your goals.

Here is our schedule of state coverage:

  • January - Wyoming (Sheep, Moose, Goat, Bison & Elk & Arizona (Elk & Antelope)
  • February - Oregon, New Mexico, Utah & Montana (Deer & Elk)
  • March - Colorado, Kentucky, & Idaho (Sheep, Moose, & Goat)
  • April - Kansas, Nevada & Montana (Sheep, Moose, Goat, Bison & Antelope)
  • May - California, Iowa, Idaho (Elk, Deer, & Antelope), Washington & Wyoming (Deer & Antelope)
  • June - Arizona (Deer, Sheep, & Bison) & Vermont
  • July - Pennsylvania, Opportunity Hunts, Landowner Tag Information
  • August - Staff Articles, Endorsed Hunts
  • September - Texas (Sheep) & Arizona (Bison)
  • October - Wolf Hunt Opportunities, Hunt Updates
  • November - Endorsed Hunts, Staff Articles
  • December - Alaska, Application Strategies, Reservation Opportunities, Governor, Commissioner, Conservation Tags

What our members say:

"My first issue of Huntin' Fool brought my attention to the once-in-a-lifetime drawing for New Mexico Oryx. I thought what the heck I'll apply along with my 12 year old son. Wouldn't you know it, we drew on our first try! I also took Huntin' Fool's advice and applied for New Mexico Bighorn sheep in the Pecos—heck someone has to draw the tag, right? On my first try I drew a Bighorn sheep tag! Thanks to the advice from Huntin' Fool... I drew two once-in-a-lifetime hunts in 1 year! It just doesn't get any better than that." —J Morley, Geneseo NY

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