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Staff Article

Robert Hanneman

Trophy Taker Option Sight

By Robert Hanneman

June 2015

I have never considered myself a gear junkie, but every year I find myself trying out a handful of new products. In the end, I usually continue to use my gear that is proven. This year is no different as I am testing out a number of new products to see what I can add to my hunting toolbox. So far this year the only piece of gear to make the cut is the new Option sight from Trophy Taker. I am a longtime fan of Trophy Taker, and I have used their fall-away rests as well as their Shuttle-T broadheads for many years with great success.

Robert with bow

I have been shooting Montana Black Gold sights for the past 10 years, so deciding to try a new sight was a big deal for me. My dilemma is that I prefer fixed pins. I like the option of being able to dial my pin in situations where I have time to, but when things happen fast I need my fixed pins to fall back on. With many moveable sight options on the market, I never found one that I was comfortable with because I didn’t like having my sight ring move as I dialed my pins. However, recently, Dan Evans has finally built the sight I have been waiting for. The new Option sight from Trophy Taker has everything I have been looking for. Essentially, it is a fixed pin sight until you rotate the fixed pin sight ring forward, which leaves your single moveable pin ready to be dialed in to your yardage. As you can see in the pictures, it has two different pin guards with the outer ring holding the fixed pins and the inner ring holding the moveable pin. The pin guard is held both in the open and closed position by magnets and uses rubber dampeners to ensure quiet operation. With this sight, you are always shooting fixed pins until you rotate the outer pin guard out and then you have your one pin to dial in to your desired yardage.

bow with sight setup

Trophy Taker offers three different Option sights. The Option 4 has three fixed pins and one moveable pin, the Option 6 has five fixed pins and one moveable pin, and the Option 8 has seven fixed pins and one moveable pin. One thing I really love about the guys at Trophy Taker is that they are always willing to customize your sight. When I ordered my sight, I ordered the Option 8 sight because it has the largest sight ring that allows for the most travel for the moveable pin. With my sight, I am able to dial my pin between 20 and 130 yards. The Option 8 did come with seven fixed pins, but I only ordered mine with five. My five pins are sighted in from 20 yards to 60 yards and then I leave my moveable pin at 70 yards. With this setup I have everything covered out to 70 yards without having to dial a pin. Now if I have a big buck bedded at 46 yards, I just rotate my fixed pin sight ring forward and dial my moveable pin to 46 and wait for him to stand. It really is quite simple to use!

A purchased sight comes complete with installation and operation instructions. It also comes with an Allen wrench set, sight tapes for your mover pin, and all the adapters needed for your bow and quiver. I will say that they have made it extremely easy for anyone to install the sight and sight in a bow using the instructions provided.

One of the great things about this Option sight is that it has a bumper-to-bumper lifetime warranty. Every Option sight has a serial number, and the lifetime warranty stays with the sight no matter who owns it. The sight is completely made of metal, other than the fiber optic cable that runs through stainless steel pins.

With having already drawn two great archery elk tags for Montana and Wyoming, I am really looking forward to hunting with this sight this fall.

*Be sure to check out this article in the June eMag to see a video from Dan Evans going over all of the features of the Option sight.

Option 8 Sight