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Staff Article

John Makoff

What is Huntin' Fool and the Value Members Receive?

By John Makoff

August 2014

Accurate, clear, and reliable communication is the foundation for all of us to successfully navigate our issues and take advantage of our opportunities. In fact, the better we communicate, the more fulfilled, happy, and successful we are. This is also true for business. Business success mandates clear communication and real value contribution for its customers. Huntin’ Fool® members are definitely the beneficiaries of valuable information, services, and products. However, we have not provided simple and consistent descriptions to use when describing the company, whether it’s amongst coworkers, members, or fellow hunters.

Most of us at Huntin’ Fool®, including myself, have difficulty answering a simple question — what is Huntin’ Fool®? The easiest and most common answer is that it is a hunting publication. However, this is wholly insufficient; Huntin’ Fool® is so much more. It’s certainly true that our monthly publication is the most recognized product related to the brand and serves as our primary distribution point for getting highly valued information to our members, but this answer does not reveal our real value. It’s also true that we are a member-based hunting organization, but again, this is an incomplete answer and fails to incorporate the Huntin’ Fool® experience. We have so many tools, services, and products for our members that it’s a challenge to describe the company in a short narrative, so let’s break it down.

Hunter with antelope; Trent with sheep.

We are a member-based hunting organization, but why do we exist? Quality hunting opportunities are limited while demand is excessive. The opportunities are managed and controlled by state, provincial, and governmental authorities. All hunters are at the mercy of navigating a large, complicated, ever-evolving, and highly fragmented system to access quality tags and opportunities to hunt. Once a hunter receives an opportunity, the tag is usually so coveted that it’s critical to properly prepare in order to maximize their hunt. These are the dynamics and challenges that Huntin’ Fool® helps hunters manage successfully.

Therefore, Huntin’ Fool® members, who are novice to advanced hunters, utilize expert company knowledge and a proven system to develop a personalized plan to access hunt opportunities, including some of the best hunts in the world. Once a member secures a hunt opportunity, Huntin’ Fool’s experience, contacts, information, services, and products ensure that they will be well-prepared to maximize their hunt.

More simply, Huntin’ Fool® provides members with a system to access and maximize a lifetime of personalized hunting experiences, including some of the best hunts in the world.

The shortest description is that Huntin’ Fool® shows members where to hunt for bigger trophies. The following communication document is an important reference resource for all of us to utilize when describing the company. It also breaks down Huntin’ Fool’s member benefits under the two categories we have identified, accessing hunts and maximizing the hunts. We hope this helps all Huntin’ Fool® stakeholders to communicate accurately and consistently about the company.

Value Statement