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Staff Article

Garth Jenson

Hilleberg Nammatj 2

By Garth Jenson

November 2015

I have been using Hilleberg tents for the last 7+ years and have never had a single problem with them. I own and use the AKTO and SOULO tents for backpack hunting. Both of these are one-man tents, which is a great option for lightweight solo hunts where weight is crucial. I hadn’t needed anything bigger until this year when I had a couple late season, backcountry hunts scheduled with some buddies, so I started reading up on some of the benefits of a two-man tent over sleeping in individual tents. The biggest advantage was staying warmer at night, which is huge during the late November hunts I had planned. I started researching lightweight twoman tents, and the first place I looked was Hilleberg.

Garth with tent

I wanted a tent that was durable and proven to hold up against almost anything Mother Nature could throw at it while still being small enough that I could throw it on my pack and head into the hills without it weighing me down and being too bulky. My research led me to two tents –the NALLO 2 and the NAMMATJ 2. The NALLO 2 is a Red Label tent made by Hilleberg which should hold up in most conditions and is as light as a two-man tent can get. The NAMMATJ 2 is a Black Label tent which is part of Hilleberg’s strongest line of tents. The NAMMATJ 2 is a little over 1 pound heavier than the NALLO 2, but it has more head room and is made of stronger material, which was a big deal for me because of the possibility of snow during this late season and because I am planning on hunting Alaska in the next few years, so I needed something strong enough to hold up against the most extreme weather conditions out there.

Eventually, I made up my mind and went with the NAMMATJ 2 over the NALLO 2 due to the later season in which I would be using the tent. My first impression of this tent when I set it up was, “Wow, that was extremely fast and simple.” From start to finish, it took under 10 minutes. Although it is probably not recommended, I never even once had to refer to the instructions, which goes to show just how simple it is.

Garth with tent and pack

The next thing I noticed was just how roomy it was. A lot of tent manufacturers make “lightweight twoman tents” that are a lot closer to a one-man tent in actual room to move around in. That was not the case with this tent. The NAMMATJ 2 has plenty of room for two people and miscellaneous items inside the sleeping quarters with a big vestibule to hold two backpacks and then some.

The other attribute this tent had which shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me but did was just how rock solid it was once tied down. On one trip, we had camped on a ridgetop so that we could glass right out of our front door. The wind picked up the second night and had to be blowing over 30 mph. Once inside the tent, we never really knew it was blowing outside, except for the sound of the wind howling and a few trees falling, which made for an interesting night!

The NAMMATJ 2 surpassed all of the expectations I had of a two-man tent. At 6 lbs. 6 oz. total packed weight, it is still light enough for a backpacking tent, but you know that this shelter will withstand just about any type of weather that is thrown at it. Keep in mind that this tent is taking the place of two individual shelters and that in late fall and winter two-man tents are a lot more practical than two people packing individual tents in the backcountry as they will stay warmer in cold conditions with two people radiating body heat in one enclosure.

For more information on this tent and the full line of tents Hilleberg has to offer, go to or call toll free at 866-848-8368. I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with any of the Hilleberg tents.

Hilleberg tent