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Sassy Brass

By Sassy Brass

March 2015

HF Staff Remarks

We here at Huntin’ Fool are very excited about our partnership with Sassy Brass. We have known this family since before any of their girls were born! The story about the beginnings of this company is a real American Dream, and we are honored to be a part of its progression. We hope you enjoy this addition to our new store and look forward to adding many more exciting products to our offering. Enjoy!

It was about this time last year when mom had a harebrained idea she thought would be a perfect Christmas gift for her three daughters. Our dad had always given us girls jewelry for Christmas, and last year he wanted it to be something we would remember. Our dad, Shaun Harris, also owns a taxidermy shop that has helped him to be very artistic and build almost anything you can think of. Mom had been cleaning out the cupboards in the mud room and kept happening upon bullets that she would have to organize, which is a regular occurance at our house. Then the idea came to her to make them into earrings. Dad had just come back from hunting, and she proceeded to tell him her idea. He assured her that he could do it and would love to give them to us girls for Christmas.

Sassy Brass front counter

Christmas morning came, and gifts were opened. Dad always waits to pull his gifts out until the very end. Together, my sisters and I opened our gifts from our dad. We loved them and could not get the earrings in quick enough. We wore them all Christmas break and the first day back to school. The first night we came home from school we already had orders from friends and teachers who wanted us to make them a pair. Nearly every day after that we had orders rolling in.

We started making earrings after school, cutting the empty casings with tin snips and grinding them on a belt sander in a vise, necessity is the mother of invention after all. Not only were we making some extra spending cash, but we were also developing a pretty good grip from cutting all the casings by hand.

In March, Rachelle wanted to go watch state basketball in Casper, Wyoming. After convincing Dad that they could go to Casper and approach a few stores in between watching the games, he agreed to take her. The first store they approached was a sporting goods store, and the manager made an order right on the spot. They could hardly hold back their excitement when they called home. They finally had to quit approaching stores because not a single one told them no. In fact, they left with an order from each store that they had approached, taking our business to a whole new level.

brass and materials

Our love of guns is not just a hobby but rather a way of life. We all own several of our own guns and shoot them regularly. It is always a good day when the smell of gun powder is in the air. While putting earrings together to fill our new orders, we were talking about our love of guns and we all expressed the desire to give a portion of the proceeds from the sales back to organizations that protected and sponsored our love of guns. We started listing organizations that we wanted to support. From looking over the list it was clear that we had chosen two important causes – protecting our 2nd Amendment rights and a cause that we had volunteered for, wildlife conservation. We went back and forth, and it was like trying to pick your favorite gun. We all know that is impossible, so we picked both. Therefore, with every earring purchased a portion of the proceeds is donated to those two very important causes. Our first donations went to the Muley Fanatic Foundation, the foundation each of us had volunteered for over the last several years, and the next was the National Gun Rights Association.

Earring display

In May, an opportunity came up to secure a booth at the National High School Finals Rodeo in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Without hesitation we took the leap, and the business went from just the girls’ business to a whole family affair. We could no longer do it by ourselves. As soon as we finished school for the year we were no longer working a few hours after school and on weekends, but we were now working between 10-16 hours a day, building and packaging earrings for the show in July.

With the help of Mom and Dad, the booth was the next project to tackle. That is when as a family we started to get really excited about what we thought could be a pivotal point for Sassy Brass. It certainly was, and it put the business on the map, in fact our earrings went to places like Hawaii, Texas, Ohio, Canada, and almost every state in between. We met amazing people who have been our mentors and have given us advice that is truly priceless. We made connections on many levels and made friends that will last a lifetime.


Shortly after the show we were notified that the trial period of our product in a major farm and ranch store was a huge success, even better than any of us had thought possible, and it was the number one product in that store for the time of the trial. People would now be able to purchase our product in the four states that its stores were in.

working on earrings

Sassy Brass has been a blessing that no one could have expected and has grown by leaps and bounds. We are currently in 36 stores in 5 states. We have a lot of plans for expansion with some new lines, and we will be able to make this happen with our recently purchased and tooled up machine that will do most of the cutting, grinding, and ejecting primers. We feel fortunate that we have been able to create four new jobs in our small community, with three of those jobs being done by women who choose to stay home with their children. Recently we have been able to work with Huntin’ Fool , and they will now be carrying our products in their online store. Another branch of our business that we just started is our Sassy Brass 22 Fundraising Opportunities Program for organizations that use fundraisers as a way to support the activities they love. If you work for an organization that would be interested in participating in this program, email us at

With growth comes challenges that we welcome with open arms. Challenges give us the oppportunity to see where we can improve. We may not always do everything perfectly, but we strive to learn perfectly so that our customers enjoy quality products that are made in the U.S.A. and are perfectly handcrafted. We are grateful to support those organizations that protect what we love, our 2nd Amendment Rights and hunting for the generations to come.