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Red Rock Precision

Red Rock Precision

By Red Rock Precision

May 2014

HF Staff Remarks

Why a custom Red Rock Precision rifle? Huntin’ Fool® has combined two of the best Membership Drive offers ever for one lucky winner — a Henry Mountains Mule deer tag and a Huntin’ Fool® tested and endorsed custom Red Rock Precision rifle to hunt with. Anyone who has ever dreamed of harvesting a giant Mule deer buck should know about the Henry Mountains in Utah, and anyone who has ever wanted to hunt with the best long range precision custom rifle ever made should know about Red Rock Precision rifles, also in Utah. For the first time ever you have a chance to win both in the Huntin’ Fool® 2014 Summer Membership Drive. Red Rock Precision takes no shortcuts and uses only the best possible materials and components in making their rifles, and the proof is in the targets and precision kill shots. And if it couldn’t get any better, the Early Bird winner will also win one of these coveted custom Red Rock Precision rifles. So what are you waiting for? You should already have friends signing up or you should buy some tickets to receive a chance at this unheard of offer.

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Red Rock Precision is located in Morgan, Utah, which is also home to some of the best big game hunting there is. We manufacture custom long range hunting rifles, and the company is owned by Todd Sholly and Curt Pilcher. We are passionate about hunting, the outdoors, and spending time with our family and friends. We are also very passionate about the custom rifles that we build.

Red Rock Precision range

The process starts by you, the customer, calling us and telling us what type of hunting you do and what type of animals you hunt. We will decide what caliber will best suit you for your situation. Our Huntin’ Fool® Sniper has what we believe to be the best components you can use. Those components are our custom action, a match grade handlapped barrel chambered with a match grade reamer, and a McMillian stock with edge technology and a Jewell trigger. Your action and barrel are then Cera Koted to protect from weather, and your stock can be finished in several camo patterns, however we offer several other patterns as well. We then install a Huskemaw 5x20 scope made for long range hunting. We like the Huskemaw scope because it is extremely clear. We also like the reticle because it is boled and easy to see. It has your wind compensation, and your turret will have your wind numbers on it. This makes it fast and easy to use for hunting situations. Now we have a nice looking custom rifle that you have designed.

The next big step is your ammunition. Your rifle cannot function properly if it does not have match grade ammunition. This is where we believe that we are different from everyone else in this industry. We are freaks about our ammo. Curt and Todd are the only ones who load your ammunition. We don’t farm it out to companies that load for other gun manufacturers. We start with high quality brass and use gun powders that are suitable for hunting, meaning they are not temperature sensitive. We feel that it is important to make sure your brass is the exact same. We start by sizing the brass, trimming all the necks to be the same, and making the primer pockets uniform. Some say that you do not need to do this, but for us it is peace of mind knowing that everything is the same and perfect. We then break your gun in, usually by shooting 25-40 rounds through it, and then we clean it.

hunters shooting at Red Rock Precision

Next we begin load development. We measure the chamber of the rifle to get your overall length. That allows us to know where we start with the seating depth of your bullet. Then we usually load up five different three-shot loads in 2/10 of a grain increment. Ex: 68.2, 68.4, 68.6, and so on. You would be surprised at what 2/10 of a grain can do. We then take your custom rifle to our shooting range where we test fire it. Our rifles will shoot half minute or better, guaranteed. Once we find the load that is right, we go back to our range with 20 rounds loaded up to shoot data so we can get your custom turrets made for where you hunt. This is done by zeroing in your rifle at 300 yards. We calculate the clicks at 600, 800, and 1,000 yards and shoot three shots at each distance and then measure the point of impact at each yardage. This lets us know the speed at which the bullet is traveling. Each rifle comes with 100 rounds of custom, match grade ammunition.

Now it’s the fun part for us because we get to call and tell you that your rifle is complete. We offer a free 1-day shooting school to all who purchase a Red Rock Precision rifle. We have had hundreds of our customers come to our range here in Morgan, Utah and shoot their rifles. We go over wind compensation, and we will shoot from different situations like you would be hunting. We also show you how to clean your rifle properly. We want you to know how everything works and to be confident with your rifle. We have had the privilege to meet so many great people and make many new friends from all over the world. Our greatest satisfaction is seeing your pictures and getting your phone calls, telling us of your success with your Red Rock Precision rifle. Also we have a new caliber that we are building, and we are very excited about it! Call us at 801-391-7840.

2nd view of Red Rock's range