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Red Rock Precision

Red Rock Precision

By Red Rock Precision

March 2013

Garth's Remarks

Jon Warren

Red Rock Precision is truly producing some of the best shooting rifles in today’s market. Todd and Curt, owners of Red Rock Precision, are not trying to be the next Browning or Remington. Their business model is simple, build a great rifle that will shoot better than the client expects it to. They took something they loved to do and made it into a great business.

Red Rock Precision was co-founded by Todd Sholly and Curt Pilcher in 2009 and is located along the base of the Wasatch Mountains in Morgan, Utah. We are fortunate to live in an area that allows us the opportunities to do the things we love, such as camping, hunting, fishing, and shooting guns, which has become our passion.

Innovation has always been something we have prided ourselves on by continually trying different ideas to improve our shooting system. Our passion for guns and ammo turned us into fanatics, which started to consume much of our time. We were constantly trying different calibers, scopes, and bullets to determine which formulation would produce the best results. The area that we dedicated the majority of our focus on was reloading our ammunition. We became perfectionists.

reloading room

These various aspects of our development took place for 20 years prior to 2009. On Saturdays we started going to the flat country of Wyoming to test out our shooting system. As with any idea there is a great deal of experimentation and testing that takes place in order to generate the best results. Each and every shooting trip taught us something new about what we could do to improve the many areas that are incorporated into shooting extreme distances. There was a lot of trial and error involved in this process. Some weekends were successful, while others left us learning and coming up with alternatives to make up for our mistakes. We learned that certain gun powders fluctuated in different temperatures, which really affected what we were striving to accomplish.

Eventually we developed a system that proved successful, and we began to build our own custom long range rifles. Word of mouth spread about what we were doing, and we started to help people with their own guns. Several calls would come in each day from guys just wanting to ask questions about the reloading process we had developed.

Those who tried our system were blown away by the results they were having and the difference custom ammunition had in shooting long range. From the beginning we have prided ourselves on building each custom rifle as if it’s our own. We have always been very particular when it comes to our own guns, so we wanted to carry the trait into our business. We searched out all of the best products that we could use, from stocks to barrels, triggers, actions, and scopes. We wanted the best of everything on each and every custom rifle we built.

800 yard shots in 7 mph wind So many gun builders in today’s market send out the same ammunition for every rifle they build. Red Rock has separated itself from the pack due to the emphasis we put into developing custom ammo for each gun. Ammunition can be compared to putting deficient gas in a race car. Without a good source of fuel that vehicle will not run to its full potential. Such is the case with a gun and the ammunition you shoot in it. If something is to be called “custom,” then everything about it should be customized. A lot of preparation goes into producing a custom round. We start with the best brass and then uniform primer pockets, debur flash holes, and trim necks. Some say that this process is irrelevant, but for us this is crucial and our results prove it. If an individual is going to buy a custom rifle, then only the best ammo should be included with it. A gun is only as good as the bullet you shoot through it. Each round of ammunition from Red Rock is custom loaded by the hands of the two men who built this company. We take each rifle to our range in Morgan, Utah and collect data on that specific gun, which entails a load development, elevation, wind compensation, and bullet velocity. We shoot each gun out to 1,200 yards and make sure that everything is dialed in and works to perfection before reaching the hands of the customer.

When we sat down with Garth Carter for the first time we showed him some of our custom rifles, and he mentioned that he wanted something that was a little lighter. So, as Red Rock does best, we met his needs by customizing a lighter rifle for him and his daughter, Jenny. As we began advertising in The Huntin’ Fool Garth made a suggestion to us that has proved to be very successful. He mentioned that we invite those who purchase a rifle to fly or drive out to Utah and come to our range with us so they can learn how to use their new rifle and teach them about the wind and other variables when it comes to long range shooting. This has proved to be very beneficial for the customer and for us. We have been very fortunate to meet so many great people across the world through our business. The source of our satisfaction comes from seeing the pictures and hearing the testimonials of our customers enjoying Red Rock Precision custom rifles.

Todd Sholly at the range