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Global Rescue

By Global Rescue

August 2015

HF Staff Remarks

When traveling internationally on your hunting expeditions, we recommend that you always purchase extraction insurance in case of emergency; foreign countries do not operate like the U.S. Global Rescue provides the necessary logistics to get you out of a bad situation. Accidents happen, and you shouldn’t sacrifice the peace of mind Global Rescue provides during your trips. We believe these are mandatory services to ensure your well-being while traveling outside the U.S.

Steven Huskey was on a hunting trip in the Canadian Rockies when suddenly things went very, very wrong.

"During a steep, snowy descent in pursuit of an elusive Bighorn sheep, I found myself sliding down the mountain toward a cliff. As I went over the edge, I instinctively grabbed for a sapling. It was like a made-for-TV movie. [As I fell,] the momentum of my weight and my pack dislocated my right shoulder, breaking the socket and tearing pretty much every tendon and ligament, including my bicep." But, as in the movies, Huskey didn’t go over the edge. However, unlike the movies, he suffered painful, disabling injuries as a result of his life-saving maneuver and he was a long way from camp. After slowly disengaging from the sapling and crawling away from the edge, Huskey managed to find an alternate and much preferred more gradual way down.

Global Rescue paramedic

"After finishing the descent with my arm duct-taped to my body and an agonizing horseback ride to camp, I was able to call Global Rescue on the satellite phone." said Huskey. Upon receiving the call, the Global Rescue operations team launched into action, making plans for a field rescue and evacuation to transport Huskey to a hospital to receive medical care. With significant snowfall forecast for the following 2 days, the helicopter rescue was set for the first break in the weather. Although it was likely that he wouldn’t be hospitalized, it was clear that Huskey needed emergent care to address his injuries.

"First, they worked with my guide to ensure I was stable and gave him warning signs to monitor. Second and most impressive, they coordinated with my fiancé, the local medical personnel, the outfitter, and the aircraft as well as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and other local authorities." said Huskey. "The snow and terrain prevented a ground rescue team from reaching my location, so as soon as the weather broke, Global Rescue had a helicopter en route. Their coordination and persistence were impressive."

The helicopter transported Huskey to the hospital where he was evaluated, admitted, and treated for his right shoulder dislocation. Global Rescue's paramedics kept in contact with him throughout his ordeal to ensure he was receiving proper care until he was discharged.

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Huskey's advice is, "If you are a backcountry adventurer, your Global Rescue membership should be at the very top of your packing list."

In an uncertain world, Global Rescue's medical and security memberships provide Huntin’ Fool members with world class resources. Global Rescue is the official provider of medical, security, and evacuation services to Huntin’ Fool members. The company offers lifesaving services, including our unique Field Rescue capabilities.

Global Rescue member benefits include:

  • Deployable medical and security teams
  • Field rescue and extraction services from remote, difficult, or dangerous environments
  • Evacuation to member’s home hospital of choice
  • 24/7 global operations centers staffed by critical care paramedics, doctors, and military Special Operations veterans
  • Medical consultation by Johns Hopkins Medicine physicians and specialists
  • City and country political and medical intelligence reports

Founded in partnership with Johns Hopkins Medicine, Global Rescue provides individuals, families, enterprises, and governments with the critical medical, security, information, and intelligence needed to avoid and respond to crises. Global Rescue deploys its own physicians, critical care paramedics, and former military Special Operations veterans to perform medical, security, evacuation, threat assessment, and consulting services worldwide.

Global Rescue offers medical and security memberships where all of the costs of a potential evacuation are included. Global Rescue’s medical memberships provide lifesaving services for a member’s transport from the point of illness or injury, no matter how remote, back to their choice of home country hospital whenever a member is more than 100 miles from home and requires inpatient hospitalization or emergency care to avoid death or serious injury. Members who upgrade to security memberships protect themselves from non-medical emergencies such as natural disasters, terrorism, and geopolitical instability. Global Rescue performs thousands of operations annually and has provided crisis response and evacuation services to clients during every globally significant crisis of the last decade. The company is the official or exclusive provider to many of the world's leading hunting organizations, including Safari Club International, Dallas Safari Club, Wild Sheep Foundation, and Grand Slam Ovis.

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As you head out this hunting season, remember that Global Rescue is essential for any expedition. We are the only company that will perform a field rescue and bring you home to the hospital of your choice should things go wrong. Global Rescue medical experts, paramedics, and Special Forces veterans are at the ready 24/7 to give you the medical advice you need or to perform an evacuation in a medical or security emergency.

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