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Hunting Film Tour

By Gary Gillett

July 2014

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Hunting Film Tour

Huntin’ Fool® is proud to announce a partnership as a sponsor with Hunting Film Tour. Hunting Film Tour represents high quality entertainment and a learning experience for hunters of all levels. Utilizing short films produced by a diverse group of passionate filmmakers, Hunting Film Tour delivers a unique and fun experience to the audience. The experience also generates new perspectives, awareness, and interest in hunting. We recommend a showing to our members as a great way to spend the night out with family or friends.

The Hunting Film Tour (HFT) was launched in the summer of 2013, enjoying tremendous success by showcasing 48 shows in 38 cities in our “Rookie Year.” The model is time-tested and proven in the ski and fly-fishing industries, and the Hunting Film Tour revolves around an evening out event. It is a celebration of our hunting heritage and wildlife conservation, showcasing epic stories, amazing adventures, interesting personalities, and industry-leading cinematography. It allows friends and families to connect in a fun and energized atmosphere and to enjoy a collection of the finest hunting short films produced throughout the industry each year. Our goal is simple — to inspire, educate, and entertain people of all ages and skill levels!

Amidst the digital revolution, there are hundreds of unsung heroes throughout our ranks who are truly gifted filmmakers. Our goal is to provide a legitimate, industry-leading distribution network for everyone to enjoy this unique and high-end content. The films are very different from mainstream network television, focusing more on the story, experience, and quality versus the personalities and products. The screening process is simple and begins each New Year. We welcome entries from any passionate filmmaker who wishes to have their work considered and potentially showcased in the show reel. From seasoned professionals to first time cinematographers, we are discovering some amazing talent and are open to discussions with anyone who is interested. If your film is chosen to be taken on tour, featured filmmakers will receive compensation for their hard work. We hope to grow and share in our success by giving back to the filmmakers and encourage high quality content creation.

HFT show

The Hunting Film Tour consists of two components — corporately hosted shows and “IP” or Independent Promotion events. The corporate tour kicks off the first week of August each year, premiering in Bozeman, Montana, and two road crews will travel to 25 cities throughout August and early September in 2014, hosting events throughout the U.S. Due to the numerous requests to add events to our schedule, we have developed our IP model to allow anyone who is interested to work with us and host an event in their local market. For a modest fee, show hosts will receive full support, including market exclusivity, customized tickets, posters, and sweepstakes cards, access to our e-commerce platform, a box of swag for giveaways, national promotion, and unlimited support from our management team. To date, dozens of individuals, local clubs, state agencies, and large conservation organizations are enjoying terrific success to build local awareness and are using this as a membership campaign or fundraiser. For example, in 2013 the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers hosted an event in Bend, Oregon, and based on the response, they are scheduling 10 events for 2014 and have formed a strategic alliance with the HFT. The Dallas Safari Club is also a strong HFT supporter and will be hosting another event in Dallas in 2014. We are also very proud to announce that the Wild Sheep Foundation has formally joined the HFT as a business partner, and we suspect you will see several WSF chapter-related events announced in the near future! In addition, keep an eye on the schedule as we will be launching a significant Canadian Tour in the winter of 2015.

The format of the show reel and the evening’s event schedule is simple. The show reel consists of roughly 10-12 short films, varying from 5-20 minutes in length. Our goal is to take the audience on an odyssey of adventure with the pace and style of each film varying greatly. The films feature all types of hunting, including rifle, muzzleloader, and archery hunting for big game as well as waterfowling and upland wingshooting. The show reel also spans the spectrum from our near religious pursuits of Whitetail and elk hunting during the rut to exotic international adventures. Prior to screening, the audience is invited down to the stage to fill out a sweepstakes card, entering their name in both the evening’s prize draws and the Tour Sweepstakes Mountain Man Prize Pack, featuring a bundle of premium gifts from our HFT business partners. The evening is highlighted with an intermission where sweepstakes cards are drawn from the YETI’s on the corners of the stage and some cool prize giveaways are enjoyed. Everyone then has a stretch and, depending on the venue, moves to the hospitality room to enjoy a cold pint provided by a local brew house. Depending on the itinerary, some filmmakers may take the mic and enjoy a short Q&A session. Following intermission, the show resumes and everyone enjoys the latter half of the films. The evening wraps up after approximately 2 1/2 hours.

prize winners audience

The Hunting Film Tour is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is owned by Gary Gillett. The magic of operations execution and the day-to-day activities are co-managed by Chris Keig of Webeye Group, formerly of Warren Miller Entertainment and co-owner of the Fly-Fishing Film Tour. The overwhelming success is a direct result of the industry leading support the Hunting Film Tour has enjoyed from a variety of corporations. We are proud to be partnered with our Title Sponsor, Sitka Gear, and supporting sponsors, Kenetrek, YETI, Kimber, Vortex Optics, Smith, Upland Water Adventures, Wild Sheep Foundation, and, most recently, Huntin’ Fool. Thank you very much to this talented team of executives and industry-leading corporations for allowing us to bring the Hunting Film Tour to theaters across North America!

If you are interested in submitting a film, hosting a show, or checking out the schedule for details about a show near you, visit the Hunting Film Tour online at for more information. Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or comments; we welcome any and all inquiries.