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Bullseye Camera Systems

September 2013

Garth's Remarks

After watching the Bullseye Camera System at work at the Huskemaw Challenge earlier this year, I thought it would be neat to introduce them to the membership. Technology is touching every part of our lives, including target practice and more efficiently shooting our rifles.

Bullseye Camera Systems, LLC is a family-owned company located in Eugene, Oregon, right in the heart of the majestic Pacific Northwest. We are blessed with an abundance of outdoor activities right in our own backyard. Our team is most passionate about shooting sports and hunting. With president and company founder Nick Skrepetos at the helm to infuse his technological expertise, Bullseye Camera Systems is primed to bring a revolutionary change to shooting and hunting as we know it.

Nick is a 30-year veteran of the software industry. Being self-taught, he created his first software business while still in high school, selling his product to school administrators. His last company,, boasts over 30 million users to-date. Nick credits his success to his relentless pursuit of excellence. One of his personal mottos is, “Do it right the first time.” It was only a matter of time before his expertise and passion for perfection intersected with one of his personal hobbies, making a profound impact.

That day came after he sold his most recent company and was ready to slow down a bit and spend more time with his family. His goal was to get outdoors more. Nick decided to take his stepchildren out target shooting with him. Growing up, Nick was entrusted with firearms at a young age and this helped teach him personal responsibility, and he wanted to pass on the same lessons.

Once out on the range he dug out in his backwoods, Nick realized his age had caught up to him. He was now squinting to try to see the hits on the target. He felt walking back and forth to switch out the target paper was too cumbersome and time consuming, not to mention the issue of maintaining safety and control of the firearms with the kids. In Nick’s opinion there had to be a better, more efficient way to enjoy target shooting. Nick’s instincts kicked in, and he knew he was on to something big. And here he thought he was going to semiretire! But there was no going back, he was bit with the bug of innovation and he wasn’t going to stop until he had something great.

500 yard standard edition

Nick worked tirelessly on his first prototype. At first he just worked on intuition. He kept going back to that first day on the range with the kids, going over the inconveniences: the safety issues, it was time consuming, difficulty seeing the target at a distance, not knowing which was his last shot.

Eventually he came up with a portable, battery-powered, wireless camera system that would sit down near the target and transmit the image of the target to the laptop back at the firing line. Originally the system worked out to 500 yards, but it soon went out to 1 mile! He created compatible software that recognized the last shot and flashed it on the laptop screen. The whole system would eventually include a weather-proof camera with night vision, a 5-hour rechargeable battery, router, antenna, and tripod, all in a secure carrying case.

shooting with the Bullseye

The system was able to address his basic needs. He could see each hit on the target and know which was the most recent shot. He was able to use just one paper target. This saved so much time not having to change it out once it was unreadable to the naked eye. Not having to walk downrange to change out targets also improved safety because it allowed him to stay behind the firing line with the kids. With those basic needs met, he was then ready for further research and development.

To take the system capabilities beyond his own intuition Nick assembled his team. For starters, he brought on his brothers-in-law as partners to the company, one with a military (Green Beret) background, the other with extensive big game hunting experience. Then he brought on a couple of family friends, one a local outfitter and another with nearly 20 years of reloading knowledge.

Hunting and target shooting is done individually just as much as in a group. With the team going out together to test the system in the field, Nick realized that the software needed to provide both options to the end-user, so the software allows individual or multiple users to use the system at one time. For instance, if a group of buddies go out to sight in their rifles together, each can be assigned a user profile. It’s as easy as creating a user profile at home on a video game, with the beauty being this is real time, real life, getting outdoors, shooting with your own firearms.

Bullseye setup

A friendly competition has never been easier. To that end the system has proved invaluable at official shooting competitions where multiple shooters are engaged at once. By manipulating the software, multi-lane operations can now run simultaneously on one system, allowing the shooters, officials, and even spectators to watch each shot in real-time. As a result gun ranges seeing the efficiency and convenience of wirelessly servicing multi-lanes are fast becoming some of our most ardent customers.

Another fine-tuning of the software is cataloging handload data. Information such as cartridge overall-length, powder type, and weight of the bullet is all stored with each shot so you can analyze and review it later. Thinking of every detail, a secure code lock can be activated, keeping out prying eyes wanting to get a hold of your personal, proprietary formations.

archer using Bullseye

Along the way some unexpected yet highly effective uses cropped up. Come to find out the system works equally well at patterning shotguns to see the pellet spread and determine the effective range and actual pattern of each shot. Those whose sport is archery and are shooting longer distances found they’re able to be more accurate at effective kill ranges. The system allows you to see the arrows on standard or 3D targets without using binoculars or a spotting scope.

For long range shooters the uses are obvious. The system works out to 1 mile with clear line of sight, so even extreme long distance shooters can benefit from this system. Gone are the obstacles to taking up long-distance hunting and shooting. There has been nothing more enjoyable for the team than setting up the Bullseye camera at their target 1,400 yards away on one ridgetop and driving across to the next ridgetop to their firing line and being able to see each and every shot! It’s a kick every time.

Our research and development continues to run hot. Coming soon is iOS and Android support so users can view their shots directly from their smart phone or tablet device. We are delving into customization for large operations and always keep in mind what we can transfer to the individual users.

1,000 yard elite edition

We are nearing our first full year with our product on the market and have been traveling the U.S. tirelessly, bringing the system to as many groups as possible. The satisfaction from hearing the excitement and seeing the tangible improvements this system has made to individual shooters, competitions, and gun ranges is immeasurable. We will continue to deliver on innovations and are dedicated to bringing our best to the game, whether it be in our technology, customer relations, or commitment to the industry.