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Tyler Ferris

Professional Hunt Advisor

I am the youngest and newest addition to the Huntin’ Fool team of Professional Hunt Advisors. I am excited to be able to share all of my adventures, experiences, and knowledge with you, our members. I recently relocated from my home in northwest Montana to the vast deserts of southern Utah. It has taken some time to get things figured out down here. I was not expecting to be chasing big bulls in Utah’s high country quite so soon, but a good friend and hunting partner of mine luckily drew an alternate limited-entry archery bull elk tag, so it looks like I will be getting more familiar with this country sooner rather than later.

Every year, I spend countless hours, days, and weeks looking over maps, drawing stats, regulations, and articles, trying to gather as much information as I can to help better myself and gain more knowledge. All the time I spend researching during the offseason typically pays off big time in the end. It allows me to get set up with an awesome hunt lineup each and every fall. I like to have tags in my pocket, and I have a deep passion for hunting and exploring the West. I enjoy being out in the field, whether it’s my tag or not. I am an opportunist and definitely not what most people would call a trophy hunter. Now don’t get me wrong, I always try to harvest the biggest animal the area has to offer, but for me, the true trophy is the hunt itself. It’s all about the experience through the time spent on the mountain, either solo or shared with friends and family.

Every year, I strive to explore new areas and states, hunt new species, or hunt with a new hunter. I urge everyone to expand their horizons and then share their adventures with us. Good luck this fall! I am very excited about the one level membership and can’t wait to speak with all of the Huntin’ Fool members.