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About Huntin' Fool

What is Huntin' Fool?

Huntin’ Fool is a membership-based organization for hunters.

Why Does Huntin' Fool Exist?

Quality hunting opportunities are in greater demand than supply. Accessing excellent hunts is competitive and requires hunters to navigate complex and ever-changing systems managed by each state, province, or country. In order to secure personalized quality hunts, hunters need a strategy, updated annual information, and a support system to execute their plan. Once an opportunity is obtained, they also need the experience, services, and products to absolutely maximize their investment and hunt.

How Does Huntin' Fool Provide Value?

Huntin’ Fool members, who are novice to advanced hunters, utilize expert company knowledge and a proven system to develop a personalized plan to access hunt opportunities, including some of the best hunts in the world. Once a member secures a hunt opportunity, Huntin’ Fool’s experience, contacts, information, services, and products ensure that they will be well-prepared to maximize their hunt.

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